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When asked to write a brief history of myself for this website, I didn’t have the slightest idea come to mind so I thought I would write from the heart. It has been better than my wildest dreams owning my own business. I never grew up thinking that I would be working in the Green industry, although I always cut grass and shoveled driveways while growing up. I always had a drive to be the best I could be and often times expected more out of others than they expected out of themselves. It has been a huge joy working with the youth over the years but the most joy comes from seeing the growth so many have experienced. Our business is filled with long time employees that continue to blossom to this day.

I take great pride in knowing that we work real hard to satisfy our customers. Doing things the right way is the only way I know and to this day it seems to continue working. As for my personal life, I have a very lovely wife and four adorable children and love them all with all my heart. We attend Crossroads Christian Church and couldn’t be more happy there. To all of our customers, thank you very much for giving us your trust.