Landscaping - Finish Grading and Turf Installation

Finish Grading and Turf Installation

Finish grading is the addition or removal of soil within two inches of existing grade to allow for proper drainage.  This process is normally completed prior to the sowing of grass seed or the installation of sod.

Finish grading is done around newly finished construction projects that are ready to have turf installed.  It is achieved by using a tractor with a rough grader box to move quantities of dirt around to establish the proper grade to your land. Once completed, a finish grader is used to smooth the newly moved dirt.  This also removes rocks and debris while pulverizing the soil.  Hand tools are used around foundations, trees, fire hydrants, and curbs to help the soil drain properly. Finish grading ensures proper drainage and prepares your soil for planting.

Selecting the proper seed or sod that is most applicable to your yard and geographic location is an important process to make your yard look fabulous.