Landscaping - Landscape Design & Installation

Landscape Design & Installation

Your free consultation with a Berger Hargis landscape expert may involve multiple visits.  During the first visit, we collaborate to design the perfect landscape.  At this time, we recommend specific plants that thrive in your geographic location.  We understand that every property is different and we utilize that knowledge to create an esthetically pleasing, unique landscape design that accentuates the beauty of your property.

The first visit will entail: 

  • Discussion of your vision and ideas
  • Review of your budget
  • Assessment of proposed area
  • Measurements and photography of location
Berger Hargis Landscape Design & Installation

Following the first visit, our landscape experts create an architectural drawing of your proposed landscape design.  We also compile a list of plants that will flourish in your area.  Once completed, a second visit is scheduled.

The second visit will incorporate:

  • Review of architectural drawing
  • Discussion of plant types and their placement
  • Provision of time table for completion of project (time depends on plant availability and weather)
  • Finalization of the proposal

Following installation of your landscape design, we provide you with a detailed list of all plants and their specific needs.  These instructions include details such as fertilizing, watering, and disease/insect prevention to ensure your plants remain healthy for years to come.