Lawn Care - Lawn Renovation

Lawn Renovation

When lawn quality is beyond repair, renovation is the only answer.  Complete lawn renovation involves several steps.

First, your old turf is removed using a small non-intrusive machine.  Second, your existing soil is tilled and additional top soil may be added to prepare lawn for seeding/sod and fertilizing.  


We will broadcast seed over newly tilled soil at a rate of 6-8lbs of seed per 1,000 sq. ft. of  area.  Specialized fertilizer will be added at a rate of 8-10 lbs per 1,000 sq. ft.  The seed and fertilizer will then be raked into the soil to ensure that the seed is covered with soil for the best possible germination.

Most homeowners have busy schedules and can not lightly water 2 to 3 times per day as needed.  Grass will still grow if it does not get this care but please keep in mind that the results of the grass germination will be reduced proportionately to the post seeding care that the homeowner provides.  There is no magic formula for growing grass!

We always use fresh high quality grass seed and incorporate the seed into the soil per industry standards.  The rest is watering care.  New seed must be kept moist!

Because Berger Hargis cannot water your lawn (3) times per day, we also cannot be responsible for the results.  High quality Blue Grass seed is always used unless otherwise specified. Water daily until you see grass starting to come up through the soil.  Then water every other day for two weeks. (Rain and temperature may reduce watering)


By choosing sod over seed you get an instant lawn but still have to water daily until the grass becomes established.  When laying sod we make sure that all the seams are tucked in to allow for better establishment and a clean look.  We cut the sod to fit corners and ends.

Sod needs to be watered three times a day for three weeks.  You will be able to tell when your sod is established when you can tug on the grass and the sod does not come up.  Keep watering twice a week, after six weeks fertilizer should be applied.