Lawn Care - Slice Seeding

Slice Seeding

Slice seeding utilizes a small machine with discs to pierce the turf and deposit the best premium grass seed for your yard, into the newly created grooves for maximum germination of seed.We employ a "crisscross" pattern across the lawn to obtain the best possible results.

With this method of seeding you will get better results and more grass growing then the traditional method of just spreading seed over the top of the turf.  The grass seed is more protected under the soil from animals, rain water runoff, and sun scorch, compared to lying on top of the ground.

Berger Hargis Slice Seeding

Berger Hargis Slice Seeding Before

Bare front yard - slice seeded

Berger Hargis Slice Seeding After

Front yard in May.

Berger Hargis Slice Seeding Before

Back yard of house slice seeded in March.

Back yard in May.